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Best Online Rates Guaranteed
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    Best rates AND flexible conditions?

    Flex your rate.
    31/01/2016 - 30/12/2017

    Our best rates are reserved for prepaid, non refundable reservations. But there is another option! If you want to take advantage of the best rates without sacrificing flexibility, you can use our new “FLEX YOUR RATE!” service. How does it work?

    Select the “LONG TERM EARLY BOOKING” rate and then select the “FLEX YOUR RATE” service:

    This option will allow you to convert your prepaid non refundable reservation to a flexible reservation for a small additional fee per night (max 6,00 euro).

    Our FLEX YOUR RATE option will guarantee the following in case of cancellation:

    -           Up to 21 days before the arrival refund is 100% of the total amount prepaid.

    -           From 20 to 7 days before the arrival refund is 75% of the total amount prepaid.

    You can also modify your arrival date for up to 7 days before your booked arrival date for a fee of 25% of the total amount prepaid. (Altering your arrival date will of course be subject to availability and different rates)

    Choose the FLEX YOUR RATE service for the best of both worlds.


    ***Please note that if there is no check in on the first night and the hotel is not informed that guests will be present for later nights, the hotel reserves the right to reschedule the room for sale.***